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BluesPower Mini Dual Shunt Regulator Power Supply Kit

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BluesPower Mini Dual Shunt Regulator Power Supply Kit

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BluesPower Mini Dual Shunt Regulator Power Supply Kit

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A shunt regulated power supply is possibly the best kind of power supply for low power devices like preamplifiers, vinly preamplifiers, Mic preamplifiers, headphone amplifiers etc. Its ripple rejection stands at better than 180db in simulations while the usual 3 terminal regulators like 78xx or LM317/LM337 fail to cross even the 100db mark. The output impedance is a lot better than the 9v batteries.

This is an unsoldered kit. It comes with current setting resistors to set the shunt current at 65ma or 80ma. This will allow a max load of either about 40ma or about 55ma. If you have large heatsinks available with you, the supply can be run at a higher current also.

Please specify the output voltage at the time of purchase. The zener diode provided by default will be 15V and it will give an output voltage of about 15.5v

Please note that the heatsinks are not included in the kit.

Please read all the documentation before assembling the kit.

Components can be changed from what is being shown in images depending upon availability. We always provide good quality components.

 PCB Size = 64x61mm (2.53x2.4 inches)



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